Thursday, October 06, 2005

Finding a reason to blog

Writing about what other kids wrote about sounds like a circular mess to many. We discussed our fears and brainstormed how we could use them in our field. Interesting conversations and challenges: becoming a scribe for a day in math, a reading log in English, discussion forum for political issues in history. I was thrilled and energized at the new development in the writing process: publishing.

One thing that Karl and Terry encouraged us was not to create MORE for us and for the kids. Make blogs replace something else AND make it valid. Kids need to have a buy-in besides a grade to make an interesting blog. These were great suggestions.

I found humor in the comic strip, but I think that students reading what others think about literature, reading, etc. makes for another avenue for discussion. I think students might value hearing what their fellow peers think about a piece or literature or writing equally, or sometimes even more than they do from their teacher. I think there will be conversations between students that might not have happened previously.


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