Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When technology knowledge finally creates a little autonomy

Ok...so I had emailed Karl Fisch, like we all do, in need of a response: help me with this, how do I do this, what happens when, etc. . . .

But today, I figured out something...on my own (gasp*)! I asked Karl how I could create a screenshot to put on Blogger. I made my Word document a PDF and placed it on my web page. That seemed easy enough, but I couldn't get the link off the PDF. So...I tried saving it as a JPEG or TIFF, but didn't have this option in Word (at least that I could find).

So...somewhere in the depths of my memory, I recalled that in PowerPoint you could save an image on a page and then save the whole page as an image. It worked and I was able to use that as an image that Blogger would accept.

Yeah me!


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