Friday, January 18, 2008

Motivation Check-In

Students, you have 2 weeks of your new semester behind you. I started class the first day, asking you all to write down a very specific list of things you are going to do differently (or the same) to ensure success this semester. Here were some of your responses:

  • communicate better with my teachers
  • do all homework
  • turn in work
  • actually study for test and particularly finals
  • actually do the outside reading for class
  • ask questions
  • come in to see teacher during unscheduled hours
I was very encouraged to see your tool chest of ways to keep motivated in school and find success!

When I asked you all to discuss the question: why are kids failing, the overall message was that you were failing because many of you are lazy and unmotivated. I was surprised to see you 1) admit that and 2) have a pretty easy-going, resigned attitude about if you know you won't change.

So here is what I'm wanting you to answer:

  1. Do you feel you cannot change your level of motivation for school? If not, explain. If yes, explain how you have.
  2. What is a teacher's role in student motivation?
  3. How ARE YOU DOING so far with your TO-DO list for success this semester?
Be honest, but appropriate. Use proper SPELLING and grammar. See you Tuesday!
~Mrs. Davis

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At 11:07 AM, Blogger lydia said...

I think that I can change my motivation for school by just changing my attitude for it and being more optimistic. When i have a negative feelings for school I don't want to go so i do worse.I think that it is the teacher's job to get the students excited about what they are learning.I am doing okay with my to-do list, I know i can do better in not slacking off on homework or doing it tell the last minute.

At 1:10 PM, Blogger AJL said...

I think I can change my motavation for school because if you fail the grade your in you will just have to repeat it again I think of that and it makes me try harder. I think a teacher can play a big part in a students motovation by helping them. I think I am getting all my work done and getting good grades.

At 8:13 PM, Blogger ryan said...

I think that its my job to do home work and to study and not my teachers job to track me down if i have a missing assignment. One if my teachers said "A teacher isn't needed to learn, all the information i need is somewhere in a book and they are there to help and we can't expect them to babby us through our whol life". This really spoke to me and i think that that is ture and what kids today should realize.

At 4:58 PM, Blogger morgani said...

i do think i can change my level of motivation for school. for me, my attitude has everything to do with it. just like guard :). im in colorguard and if i come to practice in a bad mood then it will change how i practice and make me just have a bad practice, where if come to practice in a good mood then i do great! school is just the same way! when i come to my classes in a bad mood and dont want to learn then i wont get anything out of it, but when i come in a good ready to learn mood i found i do great! okay, honestly, english is my favorite class! its fun and i love coming there and i have a great grade as well! math on the other hand...i hate math and i dont have as good of a grade in there as i do in english. for me, attitude is everything! i think teachers should have a role in student motivation, but not that much. like its really up to the students whether they want to do good or not its not up to the teachers but i think the teachers should encourage the kids to want better. this semester im doing great so far with my "to do list" soooooo yeah! thats all i got to say!

At 7:08 PM, Blogger KaitlynF said...

I think I can change my motivation for school, I believe that school is really important and it shapes your future. That motivates me to do good in school, to know that the things I am learning will help me later in life. I think that a teacher's role in a student's motivation is to want to make us learn and make it fun. I have a teacher that isn't like this at all, he is boring, confusing, and I hate that class. It changes my attitude toward a class when a teacher doesn't seem like they like doing their job to teach us. My to-do list so far is going well.

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Angela J said...

1) I believe I can chance my motivation level for school. When I get to school, my hard work attitude automatically chances, because I realize I have to work hard to ensure my future is okay.

2) I think as long as teacher's keep learning fun, it helps motivate the students.

3) This semester actually hasn't started out as well as I'd hoped it would.

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Austin said...

1) To keep motivated for school I think about two things; wrestling and my future. To be able to wrestle I can't have two failing classes. Also i try to keep my grade up for my GPA, colleges, and reputation. I want to be able to get into a good college and have a future so I need to have good grades.

2) I think that a teacher plays a big role in a kids grades. They tell when kid's grades are going down and it's never the teaachers fault for failing kids because they tell you when projects are due and homework too. But to keep kids motivated they can keep a variation of projects and homework assignments.

3) So far this semester I've been doing well I have only missed one assignment and I have mostly A's.

At 1:50 PM, Blogger AshlynB said...

I have a couple different ways to stay motivated. First, I think it is up to me to accomplish what is needed to accomplish, in order to maintain good grades. I keep myself motivated by keeping my future in mind. Every month I make goal sheets and if I don't accomplish what I needed to then it remains on my goal sheet. Also, I think teachers and friends are a huge role in how kids learn. If a teacher is always yelling or talking in the same boring tone all class I know I always have a hard time following what they are trying to get across. If teachers get students involved or add some interesting facts that students could actually relate too, and then students are more likely to be thinking and ready to learn. This semester I think our class has done a much better job listening and being involved. This has really made me stay focused and I thought I have been accomplishing my goals.

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Sam H said...

1. There are two things that keep me motivated in school. Sports and my future. To be able to play sports at Arapahoe you need to have good grades. I would be crushed if i wasn't able to play football or basketball because of my lack of effort. The other reason to stay motivated in school is my future. Without good grades I won't be able to go to the college i wanted. And that could lead to not getting the job that you wanted later down the road. All because i couldn't turn in some easy assignments or something like that. That is how I stay motivated during school.

2. It is mainly the students job to stay motivated but i guess the teacher can help out in some ways. They could make assignments that will be fun. Take away all the assignments that seem to have no meaning (busy work). Mainly, the teacher just has to make the class fun. This will make the student more interested. But in the long run it is the student who has to choose whether or not he is going to get good grades or not.

3. So far this semester i have been doing decent. I have one missing assignment. I don't want anymore of those. I am going to try to turn everything in from now on.

At 5:53 PM, Blogger Emma said...

1) Yes, i think that you can change your motivation for school. You just need to find something to motivae you. For me it is my sports, thinking about my future, college, and feeling good about suceeding. For sports you can't be failing classes so i have to keep my grades up for that reason. Also i want to do well in the future and go to college so i try to do the best i can in school. Plus i love to improve and do better. Anybody can get be motivated somehow they just have to find what motivates them.

2. I think that teachers play a role in a students motivation but, students have to modivate themselves the most. When a teacher wants to help you improve and wants to help you suceed then a student is more likely to be motivated. Also if the teacher makes class more fun and interesting then a student will also be more likely to be motivated.

3. I think that I'm doing pretty well so far this semster. I'm not missing any asignments and I've gotten mostly good grades so far.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger parker s said...

1) I think that it is our job or the students’ job to motivate themselves for school and everything else in life. There is no reason that the teacher should have to come to you to get your work done it is your job and your job only. Some things that motivate me are my future and what is needed from me and the sports.
2) The teacher doesn’t really play a role in it and they shouldn’t sometimes it motivates me to do my work if I like the teacher and the teacher is cool.
3) So far this semester my to-do list is the same as last semester because last semester I got everything I wanted to get done, done.

At 7:04 PM, Blogger andy p said...

1. I think you can change the motivation for school, but you have to really want to do better. If your parents or teachers are telling you to try harder but you dont want to, I dont believe that you will.

2. I dont think there is much of a role for the teacher in the students motivation. You can try to help them but thats all you can do. If they want to change they will do it on their own.

3. So far Ive done well on my to-do list by turning in all of my homework.

At 7:12 PM, Blogger colleennO said...

1) I think that you can change your level of motivation because at the beggining of last semester,i slacked off A TON! I thought it could be like 8th grade when i could not do my homework, or study and slip write through and pass. But that deffinately didnt happen. So this sememester i have been doing everything because i really want to saty caught up this time.

2) I believe a teachers role is to not assign to much homework and make it understandable.

3) I am actully doing pretty well this semester, i have done everything assigned and changed my study plans. So far we have a had 3 promts worth 5 points each, 2homework assignments for 10, and one for 50. So far even though it has not been very many assignments im still going good with a 93.88%.

At 9:05 PM, Blogger carterw said...

1) I do believe that I have changed my level of motivation in school over all. When I look forward to somthing usualy I want to come to school. I guess motivation is a huge part in my school life.

2) A teacher needs to make assignments more fun rather than just busy work.

3) my to do list is still in the prosses hoever I have been doing better.

At 9:11 PM, Blogger Ryan W said...

Here how you change your motivation level for school in THREE easy steps

1)Get a motif a.k.a something... a goal, such as one like first meeting your 6 year old babby sister

2)Go for it and try hard if you dont you can never succed

3)Convince yourself that school and that your teachers realy do care if you dont your goal dies.

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Chandlerl said...

I believe that you can change your level of motivation just as well as you can change your belief of something or change something in your life. I have been motivated by thinking of the future. I am thinking that if i do good in school now then i wont have so much school later and i will be making plenty of money for my retirement and my family. It is a hard concept to think about but if you think of what you do to suceed and what it means to you in the future you can just get motivated to do well on that next test or do that extra hour of homework. Also i think that if you think of the man above and what he gave you to suceed you can really use what you have and use it for a good reason in life. Third, you can like school and not hate it. I think that if you think of the good thing you are doing your homework for or what you are going to get out of it you just want to do it more. I think a teachr has a big role on a students motivation. If the teacher is fun and interacts with the student the students will look foward to the class and will get motivated to do the homework or go to class. I know someone who ditches. And someone said "Why didn't you ditch today" the kid replied i like the teacher in this class and it is fun. Now the soul reason that the kid was motivated to go to the class was because he had fun in the class and that is credited by the teacher. If a teacher is just a lecture teacher than the student is not motivated to listen to the lecture which causes problems in the homework and then the test which further more lowers your motivation to do well in that class. I am doing great with my checklist for the semister. I have turened in all my homework and done so so on tests but like last semister i am doing fine. I have credited my sucess to time management. I fyou have time to do some of your homework adn then relax i find that you get more done than doing all at onece. One of the things on my goals was time management and it really helps you get good grades and stay foucased for the semister.

At 7:57 AM, Blogger JanelleS said...

I think you can change you level of motivation for school just as long as you have some motivation for school, and when you change you belief in something. Also when you change the amount of pride you have in something.

A teach does a very important roal in keeping someone motivated for school they, keep the class interesting so that a person would want to succede in the class.

I think im doing good with my "to do list" so far this semester... I have'nt missed any assignments and i have an A in english so far so I think that I am succedeing with my "to do list"

At 9:12 AM, Blogger logan g said...

I think you can change your level of motivation. I think you just need some incentive to succed. My main motivation to succed in school is college, I know that if I do well now and go to college I will open many opertunities for my future. I have raised my level of motivation by studing harder and staying more focused in class
I think teachers play a big role in student motivation. If a teacher believes in you and makes learning fun I think you have a better chance of suceeding in acedemics.
I think I am doing really good on my to do list. I have been studing harder and and way more motivated in class.

At 9:59 AM, Blogger Benjamin C said...

There is only one huge motivator in school. That is grades. If a student is not motivated by his or her grades and their future then they are pretty much hopeless. A teacher can only do so much to motivate a student. I believe a student must be self-motivated to succeed in school. My grades and what other people think of me is what propels me to do what I do best. I must admit... I do not put all the effort I can, but do the least amount of work to pull out an "A".

Your role is to make the class fun, but allow us to learn. Simple things as a seating chart for everyone, rather than those who are distracting, take away from the learning environment. The class is less motivated to work with people who they know around them... rather than people they don't know.

As for me this semester... I am doing how I often do... procrastinate, but do my homework, and pull off the wondrous A's without studying our investing much effort. So I guess nothing has really changed...

At 3:24 PM, Blogger jones~allie said...

1) I feel I can change my level of motivation it o sjust a matter of if I'm wanting to or if I'm feel motivated to change.
2) If a teacher gives too much homework then the students won't do it. But if the teacher gives too little then the student may not do the homework as well as they probably could. So if a teacher gives medium homework and encourages the student then the student will probably change.
3) I'm doing okay on my to-do list. I just have to much homework in my other classes so its hard to do the other homework because I do my easy homework first then I do my hard homework later and by the time I have to do my hard homework I just don't either want to or I just din't have the energy.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Mara said...

1. I feel that I can change my level of motivation if i set my mind to it. I have become more motivated because i know that I have to better and try more this semester.

2. A teacher's role is to help get the students excited about doing the work. They can try to make some of the boring work more exciting. But on the other hand the students have to actually do what the teacher asks. So it isn't the totally the techer's responsibility to motivate the students, they just have to help.

3. I am doing ok on my to-do list. I just have to focus more on my work and less on everything else. I also have to find a way to motivate myself to do the harder homework. I know I will get there eventually, I just have to try.

At 9:39 PM, Blogger cburke17 said...

1. I think I can change my level of motivation at school. Last semester my motivation was horrible because I got lazy and was missing a ton of school for my hockey team. This semester, I have changed and I have looked around me and realized that grades are extremely important for success. Now my older brothers are my motivation because they are doing great in school, the oldest in Boston College and the other here at Arapahoe. I want to be like them and I am going to change so I can.
2. The teacher's role in a student's motivation is pretty important. If the teacher is positive then the student will feel more comfortable and then will have more confidence to do better in school. If the teacher is negative then the student might just overall give up.
3. I am doing very well in my to do list and have changed a ton and made some adjustments as well.

At 8:11 AM, Blogger SilwanA8 said...

1)I think I can change my level of motivation if i work hard and i know i can try harder and do good this semester.

2) if they mak learning less boring and more exciting we could be more into it.

3)im doing good. and i know ill do good at the end of the semester if i keep doing all my work and studing.


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