Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Take 5--TIE Conference

Attending the TIE conference in Copper has been great. I have some great ideas and tools to bring to the fall school year. What is great about technology is certainly the tools, but what technology often does is challenges an old way to do something and make it easier and more effective. In yesterday's afternoon's 1st session, I learned a great way to use a text to table process in Word to quickly assess student writing and see what they need to work on. Very cool.

Today I'm in a session about e-portfolios which is really exciting, but frustrating all the same. I have not seen a program (at least a free one) that we can import edited documents to show their work. I will have to search around some more and see.

I did make a movie using a Microsoft program which was fun. Not sure how I will use it in the classroom yet, or if I will, but it gives me something to think about.