Friday, January 22, 2010

Exploring Google Sites

I am enrolled in University of New England Masters online program. One of the requirements is to create a Google Site to use throughout the program. I have used and have been pleased with their product and service, so I was feeling a little hestitant about exploring the Google online version. So far, it seems very user-friendly. It customizes quickly, in terms of theme and layout and it is easy to add pages, as well as rearrange where they go. I could not add a Word document as easily as Wikispaces, unless it's an attachment; I like having the opportunity to place the document in the body of the page instead of at the bottom, especially when used as a writing portfolio. However, I pasted the whole text on a new page and loved that Google keeps the formatting exactly how it was originally saved. This has always been frustrating for me and my students, particularly when they are writing poetry. I look forward to becoming more familiar with Google Sites and what it has to offer. My graduate portfolio will slowly build and so will my understanding of what seems to be another great product by Google.