Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wow...I'm becoming a tech-junkie!

In the past 2 days, I've created a blog for Carter (my 7 year-old) to respond to his books he's reading this summer , a class blog for Elements of Composition (we are going to do our journal entries on the blog and respond to each other as we write), a blog for my personal writing (poetry, fiction, and memoir), created a web site on (excellent teacher site), (here's my website: created an assignment for my incoming 9th graders (it's easy...just a list), and created Inspiration documents to use with various writing assignments. Phewf! You would think I'm tired, but I'm energized at all the amazing products, services, and tools out there...for free! I am next going to create my own digital story (try to) as an example for my students. I am also going to start using audio blogger on my person writing blog: We'll see how that goes!

Thanks Karl for getting all this going...I am amazed.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Technorati question

Ok, I just discovered tagging and somewhat have my blog tagged. You can see a couple of Techorati's links on the top of my blog, but not the tags. Karl, when you have a chance...or anyone who knows, will you explain what I skipped. I've read back through the info on the Technorati page, but it seems like I did what I was supposed to. Hmmm...

Take Five--NECC '06 conference in San Diego

Sitting in our hotel room Friday night after the closing ceremony, Anne (Happy Birthday), Brad, Barbara, Karl, and I debriefed on the conference. Anne started, "What was one main thing you would want each of us to remember after being here...and if money wasn't an issue, what would you purchase?" Great questions, already in a constructivist mode. We thought, we discussed and soon realized our to-do lists from now to school was growing what seemed, exponentially. But, we also realized our excitement and value this conference and collaboration brings. To answer, we all felt thankful for Karl in creating this vision; what we learned at the conference was what we believe: it's not technology, gadgets, or any other new tool that makes teaching wonderful, it's the teachers that challenge their students to think for themselves. How rewarding to know that what we have studied the last year, is what so many of the 12,000 attendees believe as well.

From 5am walks with Barbara, fruit and peanut lunches on carpeted floors bought from the local grocery Ralph's, fireworks on the Bay, walking and running in the Fun Run (Anne won for the females!), listening and meeting gurus like Will Richardson, David Warlick, and Kathy Schrock, to philosophical discussions of education between our 6-7 sessions a day, we came away not only better friends, but educators sparked. I know I can't wait to try out Moodle, Gabbly, TotalGlobal, Thinkport--if nothing else, they are just fun to say, right!? But more important than software, web sites, or hardware, I am excited at how these discussions and lectures recalibrate my paradigm of teaching.

I know I'm saving my pennies to try to get to NECC next Atlanta!