Friday, January 18, 2008

Motivation Check-In

Students, you have 2 weeks of your new semester behind you. I started class the first day, asking you all to write down a very specific list of things you are going to do differently (or the same) to ensure success this semester. Here were some of your responses:

  • communicate better with my teachers
  • do all homework
  • turn in work
  • actually study for test and particularly finals
  • actually do the outside reading for class
  • ask questions
  • come in to see teacher during unscheduled hours
I was very encouraged to see your tool chest of ways to keep motivated in school and find success!

When I asked you all to discuss the question: why are kids failing, the overall message was that you were failing because many of you are lazy and unmotivated. I was surprised to see you 1) admit that and 2) have a pretty easy-going, resigned attitude about if you know you won't change.

So here is what I'm wanting you to answer:

  1. Do you feel you cannot change your level of motivation for school? If not, explain. If yes, explain how you have.
  2. What is a teacher's role in student motivation?
  3. How ARE YOU DOING so far with your TO-DO list for success this semester?
Be honest, but appropriate. Use proper SPELLING and grammar. See you Tuesday!
~Mrs. Davis

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