Monday, February 05, 2007

I Admit, I Procrastinated

Students procrastinate and are often criticized for such habits: caffeine-induced states of awake-ness and a crash course with their novel, biology text, or francais. I became one of my students. With my senior gradebooks empty, our administrators demand grades to be posted. Yes, yes, they're coming. But tonight I had a different agenda.

Tonight's grading became narrative writing, soul searching bleeding into colors. My Melpomene, which is my personal writing blog, finally has a new entry. I understand kids' struggle with writing and I hope they realize my sincerity. I try to write all papers to see if my directions were fairly clear, but to show them that it is approachable, do-able. They see that my writing isn't published and has mistakes, certainly room for improvement. I also take suggestions and criticism, bringing in new drafts. I hope they see that I am a learner right along with them. If constructivism has taught me anything, it is that I must take risks myself and become vulnerable if I am to see growth between six rows of desks.


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