Friday, October 28, 2005

Take 5--Buddhist Brainstorm

I subbed for Maura Moritz's World Lit. class today and she had her students respond to a Koan: Where is one's soul kept and how does one keep it in place if it is so easily set free upon death? We wrote and then discussed this concept. As a class, the consensus was that a soul is something we contrive, we hold inside: thoughts, dreams, loves, passions, worries, challenges, strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, values, morals, etc. And when we die, it makes sense that our soul is set free as we keep these thoughts within us. I asked the students to think about this as a challenge from the Buddhist. How can we set our soul free...enlisting it on the world instead of just dying (freeing) it with our body deep within the ground or tucked in-between dusty walls of a box? Does the Buddhist want us to think about where we keep our soul, in that who we touch, relationships, friendships, art, writing--things we leave on earth when we die--is where our soul needs to be.

I wonder about constructivism and how I can transcend students to believe that their work is greater than just an assignment given to one individual. Blogging is one way where their work will be published in a way that many can share in their writing. What other ways are there?


At 9:35 AM, Blogger JanW said...

The discussion in class is another way to "unleash the soul". You may not be affecting the world at that moment but some of the ideas that are shared are carried from the classroom with the students and spread by how they apply the thnking of others to their own lives.


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