Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blogging Stand Still

I am proverbially kicking myself in the rear! I was late posting on the Fischbowl, I haven't commented on my own blog, and I created a blog for English/World Lit in which I keep forgetting to tell my students about. Hmmm...maybe my crutches caged in my memory. Nice try, I know.

I am officially back on the the wagon. This is not to say I have not continued thinking about how to help students create meaning in my classes. One thing I came up with that I think worked well the first go, was to have students take a paper that I had filled with comments, both praise and criticism, and to transfer those notes to another page, but make them reminders for themselves written in a way that will help them remember. They put it in a writing portfolio, behind the paper that has the original notes on it. They said that at first, they did it grudgingly, (actually, they said at first it sucked), but that once they did a couple, they really looked at their mistakes and it started to make sense what they did wrong.

I will be interested to see their long-term progress and how it goes as we continually do this. For a first go, it was a small success


At 6:10 PM, Blogger Karl Fisch said...

I like how you had them rewrite your comments in their own words - I think it helps them take ownership of their own learning. Maybe eventually they will take more responsibility for their own writing, instead of relying on you as a crutch (sorry).


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