Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Take 5--Video conferencing and audio podcasting?

I just read the comments regarding the 9th grade position paper and I am intrigued by your ideas, Karl. The video-making and audio podcast sounds wonderful; challenging, yes, but I am up for a challenge. I did say I was willing to dive in and try things and we all can learn from my successes (and certainly mistakes!).

Where would I find information? Do I personally have to have an ipod? I have found information regarding a software program that looks like a possibility for video recording and the Internet. Is this something available through our grant? I want to search and see teachers doing this; maybe I will find an email to contact them. Hmmm...

Here is the information regarding the software program for video recording: https://applian.securesites.com/authnet_order_wmr4.php?page_tag=&referral=www.netfor2.com&


At 3:36 PM, Blogger Karl Fisch said...

We can certainly look into buying anything you find that you think would be helpful, but we can pretty much do podcasting and video for free. There's a very good open source audio program called Audacity, and then there's mediocre free video editing software built into Windows XP (Windows Movie Maker). It's not the best, but it does work. Then if things went very well and we wanted to do more, then we could invest in better video editing software. And, no, you don't have to have an iPod. Podcasts are mp3 files and will play on any mp3 player (like an iPod, but many others) or directly on a computer. An iPod with a microphone attached is a cool way to get those audio interviews, though.

On the hardware front, the computers in the Dell Lab all have the firewire cards they need, and we can add firewire cards to other machines (like in your classroom) as we need to for not much money. We'll see when we replace the C22 computers if we have the money to put Firewire cards in all of those as well. The only other thing that might be worthwhile is a few decent microphones - those aren't very expensive either, but provide better quality than the built-in microphones on the CRT Dells.


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