Sunday, January 08, 2006

Spring Semester

(First, I am ignoring the cartoon!) and I am brooding over the categories and percentages for next semester. I struggled with limiting the categories because I want it to really show their growth in certain areas, as well as take into account for assignments I do. So, here is what I have placed in the IC plus questions for you grade gurus at the bottom:

Collaborative Work 5%
Creative Writing/Art 5%
DLS 5%
Essay/Objective Tests 12%
Journal Writing 9%
Listening 3%
Reading Comprehension 5%
Reading Strategies Practice 9%
Responsibility 10%
Speaking 4%
Writing Process/Format 15%
Writing Content/6 + 1 Traits 10%
Writing Final Drafts 8%
Xtr. Cr. 1%

Annotations 8%
Collaborative Work 6%
Creative Writing/Art 5%
Essay/Objective Tests 12%
Formal Speaking 8%
In-class/blog Discussions 7%
Literary Criticism Postulations 6%
Reading Comprehension 7%
Responsibility 7%
Writing Process/Format 8%
Writing Content/6 + 1 Traits 10%
Writing Final Drafts 15%
Xtr. Cr. 1%

Creative Writing
Creative Art 2%
Discussion 3%
Fiction Writing Process/Format 5%
Fiction Writing Content/6 + 1 Traits 10%
Fiction Final Drafts 10%
Non-fiction Writing Process/Format 5%
Non-fiction Writing Content/6 + 1 Traits 10%
Non-fiction Final Drafts 10%
Poetry Writing Process/Format 5%
Poetry Writing Content/6 + 1 Traits 10%
Poetry Final Drafts 10%
Portfolio 10%
Responsibility 5%
Sketchbook 5%

Something I'm wondering as well is how do you keep this record in your gradebook? Karl, any suggestions...or fellow math colleagues? Also, what do you use for actual points? Do you make everything 10 points, 100 points, or keep them varying?? This is very confusing. I want to explore this, but I am afraid that I will create grades that aren't right. Is that possible?


At 8:55 PM, Blogger Karl Fisch said...

Well, maybe we need to sit down and talk. At first blush, this looks way too complicated. Do you really grade that many assignments that you'll be able to have multiple grades in each of those categories? Or are you intending to include assignments in multiple categories?

The points across categories don't really matter (insert Drew Carey's voice from Whose Line is it Anyway?). IC simply "averages" the categories based on the percent weights you designated. All that matters is the points within categories - that determines the relative weight of each assignment within that category. If you want all assignments within that category to count "the same", simply make them the same number of points. If you want one (or more) assignments within that category to be worth more, make that point total proportionally more.It doesn't matter whether you pick 10 or 100 points, although higher points allows you more flexibility in fine-tuning grades (i.e., if it's 10 points you can give a 9 = 90%, or a 10 = 100%; but if it's worth 100 points, you can give 90, 91, 92, etc.)

At 9:34 PM, Blogger Hatak said...


There are a lot of categories. I have five an I worry about how to use them effecively. I do not think that there is a wrong way to do this with IC. I wonder if there are ways that you could combine the categories? Unless you do not want to.

The averages make sense to me but I am not sure how to explain them to the students the way that Karl could.


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